About Me

I was born in 1942 in Hässleholm, Sweden and moved 1966 to Cologne as a student, where I completed the studies I had started at Lund University in Sweden. Since 1970 I have been self-employed as an interpreter, translator and speaker.

The international world of bridge I entered in 1970 when I played with the famous German champion Egmont von Dewitz (1907-1984) at the Pairs World Championships in Stockholm and became a regular member of the German Open Team. 1977 I won the Pairs Championship of the EEC and was later runner-up in the EEC open and senior team events. As a senior I have won (with Hans Humburg) the EBL Pairs Championships in Sorrento in 2001 (in 1997 we were runner-up) and in 2006 I was a member of the winning German Seniors Team (Hans Humburg, Werner Schneider, Horst-Dieter Uhlmann, Bernhard Sträter, Ulrich Kratz) in the European Team Championships i Warsaw.

Member of WBF Seniors Committee
Member of EBL Seniors Committee
Honorary Member of BVRR (Bridge Verband Rhein-Ruhr)
Honorary Member of the Israeli Bridge Federation

2010 EBL Bronzemedal
2016 DBV Goldene Verdienstmedaille

Year Position Body
1981-1999 Chairman BVRR (the largest district of the German Bridge Federation with (now) 88 clubs and ca 5800 members)
1996-1999 Chairman Advisory Board of the German Bridge Federation (consisting of the chairmen of the 13 German bridge districts)
2000-2001 Vice President DBV Executive Committee
2002-2003 President DBV Executive Committee
2001-2003 Member EBL Senior Committee
2003-2007 Member EBL Executive Committee
2003-2007 Senior Events Manager EBL Executive Committee
2003-2007 Member EBL NBOs Relationship & Seminary Committee
2003-2007 Chairman EBL Senior Committee
2003- Member WBF Senior Committee
2007- Member EBL Senior Committee